Let’s Agree on the Good Things (a comic book post)

I originally started writing this in November of 2019. Simpler times. The entertainment news had been focused for several months on the popularity and success of the film Joker and the response that Martin Scorcesse and Francis Ford Coppola had been offering via interviews (and an interesting piece that Mr. Scorcesse wrote in the New … Continue reading Let’s Agree on the Good Things (a comic book post)

Music Videos (Appreciation Post #7)

I had never heard of The Arctic Monkeys before I started using Pandora. I'm not sure what my "station" was that started peppering in their songs but this was before they released their album AM. This initial experience was an unpleasant one. I've heard some of their earlier songs since spending time with AM and I've come … Continue reading Music Videos (Appreciation Post #7)