Music Mondays #5

Once upon a time I tried, really tried to use Pandora to discover new music. I added numerous artists to my channels and listened for hours at a time hoping I would come across some new, wonderful music. Sadly I found very few new songs I liked and I found that after a few hours of listening Pandora ran out of selections.

Despite the lackluster experience Pandora did clue me into a few bands I did not previously know of. One, The Arctic Monkeys, cropped up on multiple channels. Oddly the songs that were played were very much not to my liking. I am not quite sure how the algorithm went from Beck or The Black Keys to these Brit Pop songs but it did. So after a plethora of thumbs down votes I no longer had to sit through songs I did not like but the band name stuck in my mind.

Last year when driving around aimlessly and flipping, at a near constant pace, through the radio stations I came across a new Arctic Monkey’s song – “Do I Wanna Know?” It was good. Not great but good. Catchy, with a nice beat, not overly British. I like it. Soon after I heard another song from their new album, this one is titled, “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” Again, it’s a solid song. It isn’t amazing, but there is certainly something to it that makes me listen whenever I hear it playing. Perhaps it is the simplicity of the lyrics or the straightforward, plaintive tone. The sincerity of the song is very appealing to me and I think if you give it a chance you might find it to your liking as well.

So for this Monday I am sharing two songs from the same band (I figure two good songs is a worthwhile thing to share)-

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