Two Rules for Storytelling

Working principles. A story, whether it is screenplay, novel or something I am whispering in your ear should satisfy one or both of the following conditions. They are listed in order of importance. 1)    The story should entertain/titillate/engage the reader/listener/viewer. 2)    The story should teach/inform/educate the reader/listener/viewer. I am sure I have stolen this almost directly from … Continue reading Two Rules for Storytelling

Doing My Part

3-4-08 Like most people who are interested in making movies I love watching them. Up until a few years ago I saw many, many movies each year in the theater. Then something happened. What happened I couldn’t say for sure, there was not one event that changed everything. I only know that one day going … Continue reading Doing My Part


8-5-08 So I should start by saying I have no idea if what I am about to reference is actually true. That is, my information comes from the Internet, which we all know is full of utter nonsense and lies. That being said I came across a link today that brought a smile to my … Continue reading Validation