See It Again: The Green Hornet



Rotten Tomatoes Freshness Meter:

Critics – 44%

Audience – 47%

What You Should Know

The Green Hornet had the misfortune of a very poor trailer. The information the audience is given is, in fact, largely inaccurate. Couple that with segments that move fast enough to almost blur and it is little wonder that people were not excited to see Seth Rogen take on the role of an action hero.

Why You Should Reconsider

This film is intelligent, funny and fun. Seth Rogen has, in fact, not been cast against type in this film. His character is an egomaniac, not very bright but deep down a good guy. The plot of the film is believable and well constructed. Fans of recent films like Iron Man will enjoy the attention paid to character development as well as innovative action sequences that are as interesting as they are exciting.


Many people seemed to be disappointed that the film didn’t fit neatly into a particular category. Much like with Iron Man this film flits about between comedy and action movie never truly settling on one. It is often comedic, dramatic and certainly filled with action. This is, however, a super hero movie in the same sense as Iron Man in that the hero has no actual powers. The backlash that Seth Rogen seems to be experiencing at present may have tainted this film but once this passes The Green Hornet will surely been seen for what it is: two hours of good entertainment.

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