Music Mondays #1

Hi there!

In keeping with the whole, “I should post more” theme I have decided to start Music Mondays. To begin I want to share a video of a band called Grace Potter and The Nocturnals. Now this is weird because I am sharing a cover they did (of a song by Beyonce no less). I really like the music of Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, and the fact that they come from Vermont gives them a big boost in my book. I only recently heard them, which is why I am sharing something (kind of) from them today. Make sense?

Each Monday I plan to share something music-related that I like. Think of this as my answer to Hatesong. Rather than call it Lovesong I am calling it Music Mondays to give me a bit of freedom. I am going to attempt to seek out new (to me) music to share so that this is interesting for me and hopefully for you.

What I especially like about this song is that they altered how they typically cover “Why Don’t You Love Me” for this particular performance. I have heard the electric version and I think this one is better. I do not really understand the love and devotion so many have for Beyonce but I can say hearing this song performed by someone other than her gives me pause. I like how simple and direct the lyrics are. They feel very raw and honest and Grace Potter really nails the vocals.

This video also has an interview portion after the performance where Grace Potter discusses why they chose this song and I think it is worth watching, too. Enjoy.

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