Question of the Week #4


You seem to be interested in different kinds of writing. How does blogging fit into your mindset of being a writer?


To be perfectly honest blogging feels a bit like cheating. I put thought into what I share on this site but nothing like what I would put into an essay or a story. That being said for a time I was attempting to do that with the pieces I wrote on this site. The tone was not conversational, I attempted to be (somewhat) formal and each item I published I tried to give a little nudge to make it slightly better than a piece of disposable writing. Did I succeed? I don’t know. Did I write much? As you can see I did not.

So now I am attempting to write more, in a style that is imperfect so I can relax a little bit and have some fun with blogging. My goal is to have this in addition to the other forms of writing. Much like in how I am attempting to use social media sites I want this site to have something unique, that my Tumblr does not. Blog posts.

So while this form of writing does not necessarily fill me with a great sense of accomplishment it also does not weigh me down and keep me from actually writing. My hope is that it is interesting for other people to read but you can never really know with such things.

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