Sunday – Bald Melon Blaze

Some time ago I came across the following video from filmmaker Salomon Ligthelm –


I became aware of Mr. Ligthelm’s work from the blogs of The Musicbed and Film Supply. They also made a documentary – Make – which features Mr. Ligthelm and Reed Morano. It’s an interesting film that provides some insight into their creative processes.

This video in particular caught my attention because most of the footage is repurposed. Mr. Ligthelm was kind enough to explain in the description where his footage came from. The notion of using royalty footage hadn’t seemed like an option to me before this but, it turns out, there is a decent amount of material available and a lot of it is interesting.

I’d been wanting to make a video of the song “Sunday” for some time. Whenever I spoke with Bald Melon Blaze he expressed interest but no clear idea of what video to make. Once I found this option it was a perfect fit. Looking through the archives the images spoke to me, the lyrics and their meaning matching effortlessly.

I’m very proud of how this video came out and I’d love it if you would watch it.

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