Internet Discoveries – Matthew Frost


Today in my Internet wanderings I became aware of Matthew Frost. His IMDB bio says, “Matthew Frost is a British American writer director who grew up in France.” I found his Vimeo page and watched a number of the short films he has posted there.

My favorite (so far) is with Jessica Chastain. I am posting it below.

From what I’ve seen most of these films are similar in that they are mocking or deconstructing the traditional advertisements or commercials they are portraying. It’s fun, they’re short, you should take a look.

For good measure I am posting the video with Kate Winslet. Why? Because it’s Kate Winslet and I adore her work (Triple 9 is going to get the See it Again treatment, mark my words!).

If you’d like to read something about Mr. Frost and his work this is an in-depth interview from 2015 –


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