Rethinking My iPhone Choices

Right. More about this.

In my last post I tried to work out my thoughts regarding the Moment anamorphic lens and whether it made any sense to use such a lens. Here is my conclusion: it does not. Happy? I’m trying to respect your time.

This image is from a YouTube video, if you are interested in learning more about this setup here is the link:

I’d like to reiterate a point made in my last post – it is costly to try and make your phone into a camera capable of shooting films/videos.

To shoot with an Moment anamorphic lens you need:

  1. Moment Case (again this is the photo case, not the video case that provides upgraded battery life) – $39.99
  2. Moment Anamorphic Lens – $149.99

But you also really should have the following otherwise your footage won’t look very good.


  1. App to shoot with an anamorphic lens – $15 or $7(ish?)
  2. Filter Mount – $39.99
  3. ND Filter(s) – $60 [ I used my brain and remembered that B&H sells Tiffen ND filter kits, which include three ND filters of different strengths for less than the cost of the one ND filter featured on the Moment website (which is not to knock their filter, for all I know that one deals with infrared pollution).]

This is the point I reached in my purchases. I did not buy a microphone or gimbal – I came to my senses before things went that far. So, all be told I spent, roughly, $304.87.

(Important note: this gear will only allow for you to shoot handheld.)

I am currently in the process of returning these purchases and thinking about what, if anything I want to use if I decide to make a film for the upcoming FilmicPro competition. I had written a much longer post ranting and raving about this experience but I think I am best suited by posting a link to a post I made last year about this same issue.

It pains me that I forget lessons I’ve learned so quickly, but there it is. If, somehow, you find yourself in a similar position thinking about buying gear for your phone take a moment, look over these long-winded posts and consider whether it is really worth it.

Author: John Ryan Sullivan

I am a writer and filmmaker.

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