Music Videos (Appreciation Post #7)

I had never heard of The Arctic Monkeys before I started using Pandora. I’m not sure what my “station” was that started peppering in their songs but this was before they released their album AM. This initial experience was an unpleasant one.

I’ve heard some of their earlier songs since spending time with AM and I’ve come to like them but none tickle my fancy as much as “Do I Wanna Know” or “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”.

When those songs were released I found myself driving around Plattsburgh, New York quite a bit, often at night and somehow they fit my mood. Upbeat tempos for rather sad songs. It was a bittersweet time for me and coming across AM did not feel accidental.

I’m including the music video for “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” because I think highly of the song. The video is so-so. I like the concept but I’m not so sure the execution takes it to a higher level. I think this could have been a much more interesting video, especially since I’ve seen many the band have made before and after this. They clearly work with talented people and like to make interesting videos.

I give them bonus points for beginning the video with “Do I Wanna Know” playing in the background.

Recently I’ve found myself listening to and watching their more recent work, in particular “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”. It’s an odd song, one that I disliked when I first heard it. One day I found myself singing it when washing the dishes and ever since  I’ve enjoyed it. They went in a unique direction for their video and I think it is worth watching.

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