Two Rules for Storytelling

Working principles. A story, whether it is screenplay, novel or something I am whispering in your ear should satisfy one or both of the following conditions. They are listed in order of importance. 1)    The story should entertain/titillate/engage the reader/listener/viewer. 2)    The story should teach/inform/educate the reader/listener/viewer. I am sure I have stolen this almost directly from … Continue reading Two Rules for Storytelling


5-9-08 It is not surprising that when you come across a tidbit someone said or wrote that is in complete agreement with what you already think, that this discovery fills you with a small amount of joy. Over the past few days I have been rereading a series of speeches that Jorge Luis Borges made … Continue reading Epics


10-31-06 It is an odd thing to celebrate Halloween as an adult. I do not yet have a child to celebrate the holiday with. My wife is fiendishly imbued with the spirit of the day and her enthusiasm, regardless of our limited roles as candy dispensers, is certainly infectious. Each year our hopes soar as … Continue reading Halloween