Stone Cold Grillin’

I cooked some pork and made a short video of it (with music!). Mostly I wanted to shoot some with my Panasonic GH3, the iPhone snuck its way in there, too.


  1. Love your gh3 footage Stone grill, i´d love to know witch lenes did you used, picture profile, post sharpening, codec 50mbps or 72 and the exporting workflow. Thanks a lot PABLO

    • Thank you, Pablo! I am glad you liked it. Here is what was used to make the video:

      Olympus OM-System G. Zukio Auto-W 28mm F3.5
      Panasonic Lumix G. Vario 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 ASPH Mega O.I.S.

      Photo Style:
      Natural – Contrast -5
      Sharpness -5
      Saturation 0
      Noise Reduction -5

      I used the .MOV codec, 60p 50mbps (I had intended to use slow motion in the clip which is why I opted to use this frame rate rather than 24p).

      For the color grade I used Film Convert – GH3 / Natural
      KD5207 Vis3
      Grain 17.0%
      Sharpening 2.5%

      For the exporting I did it directly from FCP X using the share feature. To be honest until you asked I had assumed, naively, that this feature would be exactly what I wanted it to be. After some searching in order to provide you with an accurate answer I cannot say that this seems to be true. I am going to continue to explore this and see what works best (I am assuming it is using Compressor since I use a Mac) and I will post what I find.

      Thanks for your interest.

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