Steven Soderbergh Interviews Gordon Willis

I will be the first to admit that my love for Steven Soderbergh is waning. I could write an entire post about where I think it started to go wrong, about why it started to go wrong and if it could ever be made right again. Someday I might and perhaps one person might read it and think that my thoughts are worth anything. That day is not today.

Today I want to share an interview that Mr. Soderbergh conducted with cinematographer Gordon Willis. Even if you do not know Mr. Willis by name chances are you have seen one of his films. With movies like the Godfather, All the Presidents Men and Manhattan his work is rather hard to miss. Called by some ‘the prince of darkness’ his unconventional lighting style (leaving large areas of the frame underexposed, often hiding the actor’s faces) was not always in favor. The following interview focuses primarily on his first film, End of the Road, but also discusses how he came to work the way he did.

It is a long interview but I think anyone familiar with his films will find it interesting.

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