Music Videos (Appreciation Post #4)

I would be remiss if I did not delve into the masterworks of the man called Macklemore (forgive me Universe for writing this sentence). My first viewing of ‘Thrift Shop‘ was a negative experience. The song is lackluster and so much of the costumes and posturing was lost on me. I wasn’t in on the joke. So, yes, I’m still not impressed by the song but I get the fun of the video now.

In fact the line, “They had a broken keyboard/I bought a broken keyboard/ I bought a skeet blanket/ then I bought a knee board” makes me happy every time I watch simply because they took the time and effort to film him on a knee board. I don’t know the budget of the video but they had to get a boat, a knee board and go onto a body of water and film him using the knee board, for three seconds of video. I respect that.

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 6.34.51 PM

One of the more pleasurable experiences I have had with watching a music video recently was watching members of Insane Clown Posse watch ‘Can’t Hold Us’. In particular how in awe they were of the scope of the video and how large the budget must have been (while mocking everyone in it). That video seems to have disappeared from the Internet since I watched it but hopefully it will reappear at some point. They used the Mystery Science Theater format and it worked very well.

If I have a favorite video, or one that I would recommend to anyone, it would be ‘Downtown’. Aside from having a great look and being a video that “makes sense” the playfulness of the video and overall concept I think will win just about anyone over. In particular the sequence with Macklemore riding on the motorcycle behind the woman who lip syncs his lyrics makes me happy in a way so few videos do. Are there parts that make me cringe? Absolutely. Does a man punt a sandwich (is it a hoagie/grinder/submarine sandwich – what kind?!) yes. There is also a chariot sequence which might be the greatest moment in music video history.

A close second has to go to ‘Dance Off’ in part because it features Idris Elba. Aside from having many of the “Macklemorean” elements (at some point you just have to embrace your sins, and I have) we have come to expect there are some surprises (looking at you double-jointed man).  Truthfully and without shame (mostly) I find most of the videos made by Macklemore to be enjoyable and striving to say something. There’s very little of him just lip syncing to the camera surrounded by dancing women. I respect that.

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