Music Videos (Appreciation Post #3)

Aside from a joke on Parks & Recreation I haven’t heard much said about The Lumineers. Which is strange because as far as “new” bands go they seem to be one of the better and more distinct ones to emerge (at least on my limited radar).

Full disclosure, I have not seen all of their videos (in particular The Ballad of Cleopatra -the run time always frightens me away). Like most people with ears I was taken with ‘Ho, Hey‘ as a song and seeing the video I was charmed. Such a simple, low budget work that makes my toes tap and my heart warm. They clearly had a good time and knew what they were about in making the video.

Which is why I was so surprised when I watched ‘Stubborn Love’ and found myself a blubbering mess at the end. I wasn’t familiar with the song when I watched the video and my unfamiliarity made the experience that much richer and more rewarding (I understand that I am robbing you of this, sorry!).

I’m a sucker for for story, even with music videos, and I think that is part of why I like this one so much. It’s dramatic but does not feel forced. It evokes memories of childhood for me, riding in the back of the car and being alone with my thoughts.

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