Question of the Week #5

3 thoughts on “Question of the Week #5”

  1. I dig that you’re enjoying people celebrating the present over the past. But it’s a little harsh, and maybe a bit naive to presume that the people making TV have taken too long to come around.

    We must not forget that the linear TV schedules those guys had to follow was very strict, and very demanding of products that had a rapid turnaround. And it’s also still a relatively young medium when you consider the grand scheme of things. If you consider how the types of shows, and the style of shows has changed since the internet became a primary distribution platform, you can start to see how bloody complicated and enmeshed the whole sodding thing is. Food for thought n that.

    1. Hi TBoneMalkovich,

      First I apologize for not writing something sooner. You took the time to comment, let alone read what I wrote , and I appreciate that.

      Second, part of the reason why I did not immediately respond is because you seem to be taking me to task for criticizing sub-standard television – while simultaneously making my own argument about the changing nature of the industry back at me. I am still unsure as how best to respond to this.

      The reasons for mediocre television, while perhaps helpful in understanding the end result, do not excuse it. Anyone who watched the X Files and saw not only the unevenness of the show overall but it’s decline in quality as it continued was not comforted with the why. My intention with this post was to be neither negative not harsh. Rather I wished to point out a rather positive change regarding this cultural commentary. For once people are not pining for the way things were but celebrating how they are.

      Whether you look at the arts, sports, politics or any other aspect of modern living I think you will find this to be a rarity. Now we seem only to praise technological or moral advancements and decry the lack or previous quality or sincerity.

      My closing statement where I targeted Breaking Bad may have undermined my overall point and may have lead to your post. I simply wanted to illustrate that while I agree with general consensus that tekevision is currently at a high point, many seem to be wearing rose-colored glasses concerning the current batch of darlings. The urge to do better, to not be complacent, especially now in this time of improved quality must remain. Otherwise we wil have simply trade the laugh track for ever changeable wives who serve no purpose other than to help tell the protaganist’s story.

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