A Moment for Momoa

Today I discovered I haven’t written anything in 2019, which is a bit odd. Things have been a bit busy in my personal life but I still have plenty of time to read and write and boy do I ever have a need to connect with others about the things I read and watch.

So, let’s share.

To begin, the past few weeks have won me over to team Momoa (I am going to pretend that there is a team Momoa, but let’s be honest who would be against him). Part of this has come from me watching season three of the Netflix show Frontier. Why did I wait until now? Didn’t it come out in November? Was it my aversion to fur? Was it the lack of ending for Red Road? Why am I mentioning both of these shows here?

The answer is Jason Momoa!

As far as I can tell the major change of season three is that Jason Momoa directed a fair bit of material with a second unit team. I’m not expert on how television is made but I would imagine that typically this would not result in major changes to a production. In this case the show went from being something I enjoyed but wasn’t actively studying in terms of “how did they do that?” or “why does this scene look so interesting?” to me immediately running to the computer after an episode to try and find some answers.

And find them I did.

Jason Momoa has a YouTube channel and on it he posted behind the scenes videos of the making of season three. They are interesting and I am sharing them below.

Of the many things I like about these videos is they show how little of the weather and locations are faked. Watching this show I kept wondering if what I was seeing was real or just incredible sets. It looks like quite a bit was real.


Just a few final words about Jason Momoa and 2019. About a month ago I watched Aquaman and I was impressed. The film delivered in many ways and was a welcome surprise. At this point seeing a superhero movie where the protagonist has fun, especially in the DC universe, was a surprise. Prior to this movie I did not think it was a possibility. I have to imagine that Jason Momoa played a large part in that.

I’m really enjoying the content on his channel and hearing him praise the people he works with. It’s a positive and uplifting thing to find and it makes me happy. Here’s looking forward to what comes next – it’s wonderful to have something new to look forward to.



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