Dannemora, New York


I came across  a random blog yesterday that was mostly pictures and I really enjoyed it. Partly because they were interesting pictures but also because it made me think, “I take a lot of pictures and I no longer have a great place to share them.”

So I am going to steal from that person and adopt their formula for this site. Here goes…


In 2013 I was living in Plattsburgh, New York. My daughter had reached a stage where she still needed to take naps but no longer would in the house so I had started taking her for long drives in the car. She slept, I drove around and explored the area. For me it was kind of perfect.

We did that for about six months I was able to explore the area thoroughly. It led to a number of day trips for me where I was able to get out of the car and walk about taking pictures. One of these trips was in Dannemora, NY.


The first time I drove through I had no idea what to expect. I absolutely did not anticipate driving on Main Street with the prison being next to me. It’s a surreal experience.


This past winter ‘Escape From Dannemora’ and it was impressive how well they captured the area and the people. The images from the first episode when they drive into the town perfectly capture the remote nature of the area and the overall empty, depressive atmosphere

This really creeped my out when I drove past. 


Watching the television show this location really struck a cord with me.
Across the street from the prison these buildings seemed to capture the spirit of the place.



I had recently started using the Hipstamatic app when I visited so all of the images were taken with my phone and the app. It took a while but I learned my lesson and stopped doing that.

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