Doing My Part

3-4-08 Like most people who are interested in making movies I love watching them. Up until a few years ago I saw many, many movies each year in the theater. Then something happened. What happened I couldn’t say for sure, there was not one event that changed everything. I only know that one day going … Continue reading Doing My Part


8-5-08 So I should start by saying I have no idea if what I am about to reference is actually true. That is, my information comes from the Internet, which we all know is full of utter nonsense and lies. That being said I came across a link today that brought a smile to my … Continue reading Validation

Film Ratings

How movies are assigned their ratings has become something of a hot topic in the past few years. Although I have never seen much written about the subject, listening to the commentaries on several DVD’s (Kevin Smith’s in particular) have offered some insight into how the MPAA rates films. There is of course the documentary … Continue reading Film Ratings

Oliver Stapleton

Whether you are a casual moviegoer or a film buff chances are unless you are also a cinematographer you don’t pay too much attention to this particular profession. Certainly we all notice the way films look and when it is either exceptionally beautiful or painfully drab the credit nearly always falls on the person making … Continue reading Oliver Stapleton