Music Videos (Appreciation Post #2)

Today I’d like to write a little about The Black Keys. I feel funny because for the longest time I didn’t watch their music videos and they absolutely have one of my least favorite videos of recent memory (looking at you, ‘Fever‘, I know it’s mocking infomercials and televangelists – but I find it painful to watch). The music video for ‘Gold on the Ceiling‘ impresses me in terms of the editing and look (the guy in the cooler is a fun) as well as capturing the energy of the song.

‘Little Black Submarines’ is most likely my favorite of their videos. It has a great look and a number of nice establishing shots that give you a sense of the location. Its largely a performance video and the energy of the band and the crowd makes this a pleasure to watch. I’m not sure I really felt the song before I watched this video, which should always be a goal when setting a song to music.

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